The largest of the string instruments, the Double Bass has the lowest sounds of the orchestra.  But, did you know that a Bass can also play as high as a violin?  It’s true! The Bass is capable of playing the entire range of any of the above-listed instruments.  Also, since the Bass is a less common instrument, it is also less competitive and there are many opportunities (like scholarships!) for Bass players. While Basses mainly provide the foundation for music, a bass also has the ability to play any melody as well as different styles of music like jazz or bluegrass. Don't worry about playing a large instrument - string instruments are very special because they come in smaller sizes and you just exchange your instrument for a bigger one as you grow! Also, Shadow Ridge Bass students do not have to carry their instrument back and forth to school every day! Bass families will rent one instrument to practice at home, and the school district provides instruments for students to use at school for a low yearly maintenance fee. 

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