The percussion section of the band keeps the beat, builds excitement and adds color to the band. A percussionist does not just play drums; he/she plays bells, xylophone, timpani, cymbals, triangle, and many other instruments. Each member of the percussion section must work to create the aural illusion of one giant percussion instrument. A 4th grade Percussion Kit must be rented or purchased from a music company. It consists of a Practice Pad, Bells, stand for both, and sticks and mallets. 

Just because you are always tapping on things does not mean you are a natural percussionist. In fact, the percussion section is the most select, hand-picked section of the band. So don't think that we will be jamming like rockstars from Day 1! We will learn the skills of playing percussion slowly and steadily like any other instrument

Due to the limits of scheduling and recommended pedagogical practices, no group can be too large or the class cannot be taught effectively. Percussion is a popular choice so we will be speaking with our General Music Teacher colleagues about a students' abilities based on their general music classes from previous years.

Physical Characteristics
Students should exhibit a great deal of coordination in gross and fine motor skills. Students that struggle with body control may find a great deal of difficulty with percussion.

Other Considerations
It is highly recommended that percussion students study privately in addition to their school lessons. 
The study of percussion includes bells, xylophone, marimba, triangle, tambourine, maracas, claves, among many other instruments.